Navn ICAB, Integrated Circuit for Advanced Battery Management
Kilde og økonomi EU projekt, Research for SMEs, FP7-SME-2013
Partnere Lithium Balance, Amberjac Projects, EVOLEO technologies m.fl.
Aktivitetsbeskrivelse The SME consortium behind the ICAB project wishes to address a major market opportunity by developing a new battery management system (BMS) for large scale lithium-ion battery packs, targeted primarily at electromobility applications. Specifically, the consortium wants to develop an innovative integrated circuit for performing advanced batterymanagement, at lowered cost of production, which enables improved reliability, efficiency and safety compared with currently available BMS solutions.
Projektperiode 2013-2015
DELTA Projektleder Martin Krogstrup Nielsen, mkn@delta.dk
Læs mere www.icab-project.eu/

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