EUopstart: AirSens

Navn EUopstart: AirSens
Kilde og økonomi Uddannelses- og Forskningsministeriet, Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation
Partnere DELTA, Pera Technology, IK4-Ikerlan, Ashleigh Farms
Aktivitetsbeskrivelse Infectious diseases in animal herds often have a significant economic impact on the individual producers as well as posing a significant risk to humans due to the zoonotic nature of the pathogens. A major contribution to the economic cost of an outbreak is the outbreak being diagnosed at a very late stage, where most of the population is already infected. In this project, we will describe a diagnostic platform to be used on the farm (our PoC) with sampling done at the ‘pen-side’ for an early detection of an infectious disease spreading in the herd. It is a generic platform technology which can be used in many applications.

The AeroDetect product consists of three components which work together. A sample of air borne particles is collected from the pen-side (AeroCollect). This allows collection of both naturally air borne and not naturally air borne pathogens as these microorganisms are attached to the dust in the immediate environment. The sample is collected onto the disposable AeroCartridge and placed into the AeroAnalyser for processing of the sample. In the AeroAnalyser the genetic material of the specific microorganism to be evaluated is then ‘amplified’ using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Using a combination of solid phase detection on an array structure in the AeroCartridge, several pathogens can be analyzed and serotyped directly and simultaneously.

Projektperiode 2015-2016
DELTA Projektleder Martin Krogstrup Nielsen,
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