Perceptual Audio Evaluation – Tools for R&D or Marketing

Welcome to our 2019 course of sound quality and perceptual audio evaluation. If you are involved with the development of audio products and sound quality is important to you, this may be a a course for you.

  • Is sound quality part of your products value propositions?
  • Does your product compete on sound quality performance?
  • If you are working with audio products and sound quality, you might be interested in this short course
    • What is sound quality?
    • How can it be measured?
      • With instruments
      • With listening tests
    • How can we use these tools in R&D?
    • How can marketing use sound quality beneficially?
  • Learn the terminology of sound quality
  • Learn to critically listen and describe the nature of sound quality

Our 1 or 2 day course will provide hands- and ears-on experience.

Day 1 (Morning) Perceptual Audio Evaluation (PAE)

  • Basic of perceptual audio evaluation
    • Introduction to listening test practices
    • Listening test practices
    • Assessors and technical considerations
  • PAE for Research and Development
    • Test methods for R&D
    • Purpose and correct usage of PAE
      • Selecting the right test method
      • What can be achieved?
  • Process for maximising benefit of PAE in R&D

Day 1 (Afternoon) PAE for Marketing

  • Test methods for marketing
    • Selecting the best suited methods
    • Benchmarking
      • Knowing where you stand
      • Identifying unique selling points
    • Marketing claims
      • Internal studies
      • Marketing claim substantiation
    • Best processes for success
    • Real-world case examples
  • Audio quality assessment approached
    • Perceptual Audio Evaluation, predictive models and instrumentation measures
      • Understanding and comparing their roles in industry

Day 2: Critical listening – learn the language of sound quality

  • Sound quality
    • Understanding its characteristics
    • Introduction to the sound wheel
    • Families of attributes
      • What they mean and how they sound
      • Covers: Timbre, spatial, artefacts, dynamics, noise, etc.
  • Familiarisation with sound quality attributes
    • Attribute names, definitions and what they sound like
  • Introduction of sound quality characteristics in products
    • Basic characteristics: Timbre, spatial, dynamics, artefacts, etc.
    • Applications in: Audio and speech coding, noise reduction, watermarking, spatial processing, dynamic compression, etc.


The material will be presented by Dr. Nick Zacharov and specialists from the SenseLab team. Material and presentations will be in English.


Day 1: 600 €
Days 1 + 2: 1200 €

Course includes training material, lunch and coffee.

Latest day to register is 20 February 2019.

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2 days
27/02/2019 - 28/02/2019
FORCE Technology
1 day 600 € - 2 days 1200 €

Contact person

Lisa Engedal Nielsen
Executive Assistant
+45 43 25 13 14

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