Designing for meaningfulness – kickoff!

Explore how health care devices, services and products can move beyond functionality and enable meaningful experiences.

DELTA (a part of FORCE Technology), Welfare Tech, and Innovationsnetværk for Sundhed og Velfærdsteknologi invites you to the kickoff of a project engaging companies in designing for meaningfulness.

Who are you?

You are an SME or large company working to develop health care devices, services and products. You want to move beyond competing with others on incremental increases in functionality or technology and are dedicated to creating a valuable experience which people desire.

Who are we?

Welfare Tech is a Danish national cluster and hub for innovation and business development in healthcare, homecare and social services. Welfare Tech has a broad knowledge about the Danish market through our members and operates as a national entry point for international companies who want to enter the Danish market. Welfare Tech is lead and partner in the Innovation Network.

DELTA – a part of FORCE Technology, is Denmark’s largest GTS Institute and presents their work in Designing for Meaningfulness as part of their innovation process for new smart products. IdemoLab is a unit specializing in the niche between human centred design (design thinking) and hardware prototyping. We specialize in helping customers validate their concepts and technology with end-users through the use of functional proofs-of-concept, tested with people, in real situations.

What is Designing for Meaningfulness?

Purpose. Significance. Importance. Personal Development. These are some of the terms which arise when we’re designing for meaningfulness. It goes beyond developing a new version of an existing technology, or a new solution for an existing problem and instead, encourages focus on people’s desires and values. We focus on criticism, and deriving meaning through judgement. We ask why would people love this? We are seeking innovation in meaning, not solutions – as people’s lives change, their perception of what is meaningful changes, and it is this we design for.  In Designing for Meaningfulness, we challenge our assumptions and focus on purpose.

Vanessa Julia Carpenter, Lead Technology Experience Designer in IdemoLab, DELTA, specializes in electronic product development. She is conducting research in designing for meaningfulness and will introduce the concept of designing for meaningfulness, taking you through a series of questions, debates, and analysis to learn about how your product experience is, or is not, enabling meaningful experiences for your users. Furthermore, this will be an opportunity to find out how you can design for meaningfulness, and whether or not this is crucial for your particular product.

The ambition of this kickoff is to introduce companies to Designing for Meaningfulness and invite them to be a part of a program developing their product with meaningfulness as a goal. This program will be introduced during the event.

After the kick-off:

We plan to invite 15 – 20 companies from the kickoff to join us in a series of activities around designing for meaningfulness. Companies will join a minimum of 6 sessions in which they attend a half day seminar or workshop and engage in knowledge sharing and knowledge production through collected experiences. These will include:

  • 6 Sessions – each with a theme and facilitated activity and knowledge sharing.
  • Following a case-study example throughout the period as it develops
  • 1 in-context study
  • 1 individual workshop
  • 1 case study of the outcome

One of the major activities will be mapping the potential benefactors of designing for meaningfulness, such as public authorities, elderly homes or similar so that the participating companies have a target group in mind with a targeted service as one of the outcomes of their involvement.

Companies participating in this process will firstly, contribute to a body of knowledge which will be published publicly and academically, about “Designing for Meaningfulness”. Designing for meaningfulness is imperative when designing for welfare technology since the experience of the citizen, patient, care-giver or family member (as examples) can be contributing to a sense of purpose, identity, individuality, self-development, and sense of existence, which are all aspects of designing for meaningfulness.

Secondly, companies will follow the work of another Innovation Network project featuring a company developing a smart product and will learn through case study reports, how this startup is moving forward, and the steps they take to bring their product to market. In this way, companies will gain acute insight into the process of bringing a smart product to market, from ideation to prototype and production considerations.

Finally, each company, will go through part of IdemoLab’s 8 Step Process, namely Step 4: Context Validation – learning to conduct an in-context study with users, and Step 6: Design Panel where they will learn how to elicit feedback from vital stakeholders.

Participation is funded by the Innovation Network so there is no cost for companies to participate in this program.

Invitation for download (PDF)

*No-show fee of DKK 500,- excl. VAT


08.45-09.00 Coffee and Welcome
09.00-09.30 Overview of Designing for Meaningfulness, the program as part of the Innovationsnetværk for Sundhed og Velfærdsteknologi
09.30-10.15 What is Designing for Meaningfulness? Examples and Learnings
10:15-11.45 Meet and Debate: facilitated criticism, analysis and Q&A
11.45-12.30 Lunch at Restaurant Da Vinci
12.30-13.30 Strategy and Ambition Setting, Challenge Your Company
13.30-14.00 Round off and Sign Up

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08.45 AM - 14.00 PM
FORCE Technology
*free, but no-show fee of DKK 500,- excl. VAT

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Vanessa Julia Carpenter
Lead Specialist
+45 28 64 45 29

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